Diseases :
remarkable results of Ayurvedic medicine of our Pharmacy for following diseases.
Wheat Allergy (Great Results)
IBS equivalent to Granini Rog of Ayurveda
Children growth problems
Kidney Stones
Dengue (Platelet Decreased)
Depression (Any kind of mental disorder)
Skin Diseases
Acne Vulgaris  
First time in the world wheat allergy no more uncurable it is totally curable now
Celiac Disease (WHEAT ALLERGY)

The disorder is characterized by malabsorption, abnormal small bowel structure and intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. It has also been called gluten induced enteropathy.

Signs & Symptoms (Mala Absorption)
Diarrhoea, Flatulence
Weight Loss
Growth retardation and short stature in children.
Anaemia-due to deficiency of iron and folic acid.
Peripheral neuropathy due to vitamin deficiency.
Bone pain & osteomalacia due to calcium deficiency.
Glossitis, Stomatitis
According to Ayurveda, weakened intestine due to weaken intestine due to weak BALA/ Immunity (inherent strength) is allergic to wheat & wheat products and is unable to absorb food property. This results in the production of a weak or defective digestive system of weak or defective blood, fibrous tissue like muscle, tendons etc., adipose tissue, bone, bone, marrow and generative fluids (sperms/eggs). All the symptoms of celiac disease are caused due to malnutrition being caused due to malabsorption of food.
Ayurvedic Herbal Rasayana Application Treatment is only answer to wheat allergy with fast & great result. Patient is able to take wheat and normal diet like others. Total course is of 6-8 months and one is freed from not consuming wheat for whole life. This treatment is completely result oriented. We have experienced this treatment for many years. All patients have got perfect result and leading normal life excellently without fear of re-attack of Wheat Allergy. This herbal rasayana cures not only wheat allergy but also improves height, poor eye sight, physical and mental weakness.      
Malabsorption due to weak digestive enzymes
The digestive enzymes & juices (also called Agni in Ayurveda) is weakened due to various reasons. This weakened Agni is unable to digest the food properly and releases it to the intestine in a semi-digested state. This semi-digested food (also called Aam Dosh) is toxic to the intestine and reduces the immunity (also known as BALA) of the body. This reduced immunity (BALA) is the cause of celiac disease in elderly.
IBS Equivalent to Granini Rog
Signs & Symptoms
1. Diarrhoea, Flatulence, pain in abdomen, mucus & blood in stools are found in IBS.
2. Symptoms of malabsorption of food such as anaemia, peripheral neuropathy etc. may be present.
3. Fibromyalgia, general debility.
4. Arthritis
5. Decrease in libido
Treatment :
The concept of Mand-Agni & Aam Dosh is unique to Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic Treatment revolves around :-
1. Rectifying the Aam Dosh.
2. Curing the Mand-Agni and bringing it in a balanced state.
3. Increasing the absorption capacity of the intestines.
There are wonderful & fast acting drugs available in Ayurveda which are capable of achieving the above objectives. Results, in the form of relief from symptoms, are available almost within a week.
Treatment also improves the digestion by improving the quality & quantity of various digestive enzymes & juices (also called Agni in Ayurveda).
The patient may need to take the medicine for 2-3 months depending on the severity of the disease. The patient remains free from the disease after completing the treatment regimen.
Dengue is a commonly occurring viral fever. Most viral fevers are self-resolving i.e. they heal on their own within 7-10 days. Hemorrhage due to severe thrombocytopenia is the major risk factor in Dengue. There are a no. of medicines available in Ayurveda, which boosts the platelet count, therapy significantly reducing the risk of hemorrhage in Dengue patients. It can be used either above, or in severe cases along with supportive therapy in a hospital.
Rheumatoid Arthritis is the commonest form of chronic inflammatory joint disease. In its typical form, RA is asymmetrical, destructive and deforming polyarthiritis affecting small & large synovial joints with associated systemic disturbance and a variety of extra articular features.
It is known as Aam Vaat.

The Ayurvedic b/t revolves around.

1. Rectifying Aam Dosha.
2. Curing Manda-Agni.
3. Bringing Tridoshas in balance.

Treatment regime is of 4-6 months patient should also avoid aggravating factors of disease.  

Diabetes has been defined in Ayurveda as ‘Madhumeh’. It has been mentioned in ‘Prameh Rog’. There are 20 types of ‘Prameh Rog’, diabetes being one of them. All the untreated cases of Prameh Rog eventually turn into madhumeh.
It is possible to treat madhumeh permanently, using Ayurvedic medicines.
The treatment regimen for NIDDM is 45 days & for IDDM it varies from 3-4 months. However, the patients have to follow a strict diet during the treatment regimen. Diet includes curd prepared from skimmed milk, roti (unleavened) bread, 1-2 cups of tea/skimmed milk.
This disorder affects many teenagers. Its prevalence is similar in both sexes but one peak age of severity in females is 16-17 years and in males 17-19 years.
For getting rid of Acne or any kind of skin problems.
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